PVC Tarpaulin

We are manufacturer and exporter of premium quality range of PVC Tarpaulin to our clients. We gained reputed image in PVC tarpaulin industry. This product is a more heavy–duty tarp than polyethylene, used where more reliable protection is need. Majorly used in making tent, vehicle cover, canopy on vehicle, bags, easy to handle tarpaulin on trucks, sheds, food grain fertilizers and emergency shelters. It is 100% water proof and rot proof (optional), heavy in weight than all other tarpaulins, shrinks in length and width when it gets wet, biodegradable, durable waterproof, non – breathiness. Generally used in go down, ground sheet, by Farmers and transporters.

Features PVC Tarpaulin

  • Repairable Easily
  • Cost-effective
  • Environment friendly
  • Colour variation
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